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+ N A V I G A T I O N +

:bulletblue: Enrollments are OPEN! :bulletblue:

:pointr: Visit the "How to Join" link
:pointr: Submit a join request with a link to your application
:pointr: Wait for acceptance!

+ O U R . C H A M P I O N S +

Winter Wars: Asha Icon by TalonDragon000

:trophy: WINTER WARS CHAMPIONS 2012 :trophy:



WW: NPC Dryadra Icon by TalonDragon000

+ D O N A T I O N S +

WW: NPC Patches Icon by TalonDragon000

:bulletblue: CURRENT POINTS STATUS :bulletblue:

:points: 2,665 :points:

Please send donations to :iconwinterwarsbank: A list of donors and current goals are available on the front page. Thank you!


+ NPCs +
Winter Wars: Naida icon by TalonDragon000Winter Wars: Jenny Icon by TalonDragon000Winter Wars: Asha Icon by TalonDragon000WW: NPC Patches Icon by TalonDragon000WW: NPC Granny Icon by TalonDragon000WW: NPC Wolfenstein by TalonDragon000Winter Wars: Mikey icon by TalonDragon000Winter Wars: Zeff icon by TalonDragon000WW: NPC Kristoff Icon by TalonDragon000WW: NPC Super Snowman Icon by TalonDragon000WW: NPC Dryadra Icon by TalonDragon000Sven Icon by TalonDragon000

WW: NPC Ma'hiid-wary by TalonDragon000Alexandra by TBG-95WW: Shakh Icon by TalonDragon000WW: Harika Icon by TalonDragon000WW: Pheonix Icon by TalonDragon000WW: Pavement Icon by TalonDragon000Sam Icon [UPDATE] by Kirameki-SkiesAugus Icon by TalonDragon000WW: Raika Icon by TalonDragon000WW: Sketch Icon by TalonDragon000WW: Oni Icon by TalonDragon000

Chausiku Icon by TalonDragon000WW: Shadow Icon by TalonDragon000WW: Haol'Erigash Icon by TalonDragon000WW: Meira Icon by TalonDragon000

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Winter Wars: Jenny Icon by TalonDragon000

:snowflake: A R T W O R K :snowflake:

[All self-drawn]
Sketch= 1 EXP + 1WW: Snow Coins by TalonDragon000ea. char
Inked = 2 EXP + 2WW: Snow Coins by TalonDragon000ea. char
Flat Colored = 3 EXP + 3WW: Snow Coins by TalonDragon000ea. char
Shaded = 4 EXP + 4WW: Snow Coins by TalonDragon000 ea. char
Background = 5 EXP + 5WW: Snow Coins by TalonDragon000
comic= 6 EXP + 6WW: Snow Coins by TalonDragon000

Unique Photos: 5 EXP + 5WW: Snow Coins by TalonDragon000
Photos from set: 2 EXP + 2WW: Snow Coins by TalonDragon000

Crafts: 6 EXP + 6WW: Snow Coins by TalonDragon000

:snowflake: L I T E R A T U R E . & . R O L E P L A Y :snowflake:

1 EXP + 1WW: Snow Coins by TalonDragon000per 250 words

:snowflake: O T H E R :snowflake:

1 EXP + 1WW: Snow Coins by TalonDragon000 per 5 :points: donated to WinterWarsBank

25 EXP for recruiting a new member
100WW: Snow Coins by TalonDragon000

:pointr: Earn 10WW: Snow Coins by TalonDragon000 per item for sale

:pointr: 5 EXP + 5WW: Snow Coins by TalonDragon000 per image added
:pointr: 5 EXP + 5WW: Snow Coins by TalonDragon000 per roleplay session started

:snowflake: L E V E L I N G :snowflake:

Privates: 25 EXP to level

Corporals: 50 EXP to level

Sergeants: 100 EXP to level

Lieutenants: 500 EXP to level

Captains: 1000 EXP to level

+ Faction Points + [UPDATED 3.4.14]

:iconwwfrozencajones: :iconwwwinterwolves: :iconwwicyhearts: :iconwinterwarssnowcones: :iconwwsupersnowman:

| :bulletblue: 34.67 PTS :bulletblue: || :bulletwhite: 16.0 PTS :bulletwhite: || :bulletblack: 24.8 PTS :bulletblack: |
| :bulletyellow: 37.0 PTS :bulletyellow: || :bulletred: 06.5 PTS :bulletred: |

+ I N T R O D U C T I O N +

:snowflake: THE STORY :snowflake:

You, traveler, have come from a distant land...
Rumors of a magical treasure box have reached your ears. This box contains eternal riches. The contents of which is bestowed upon warriors who prove themselves worthy to the Guardian of the box: Naida.
Many have traveled to Marrah, the origin of this treasure, seeking it out.
Some come for the money. Some come for the adventure.
Whatever is your reason... you are not alone.
So, traveler... Are you worthy?

:bulletblue: READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE. :bulletblue:


Hey guys! Talon here!

Okay, I was in the OOC Chat, but it's bedtime for me. >.< Catch you next time!

[THIS MESSAGE WAS SENT 4/16/2014 2212HST] 
More Journal Entries

+ E V E N T S [3.24.14] +

:new: :Only at Easter: by Wooded-Wolf EASTER EGG HUNT EVENT! :Only at Easter: by Wooded-Wolf

WW: NPC Dryadra Icon by TalonDragon000:iconsaysplz:"Do you have what it takes to gather the most eggs? Hmm?

WW: Easter Egg Event 2014! Asha says:
"And now a special announcement from Snow Cones Faction Leader, Dryadra!"
 Dryadra says: 
"Hello my lovelies~ 
Spring is here and Easter is around the corner. 
What is Easter? It is the anniversary of the day our beloved Guardian Naida first made her presence known to Marrah. 
It is a sign of new life, new beginnings, and a new event! 
We like to celebrate this time with our annual EASTER EGG HUNT!
And when we say, HUNT, we really do mean HUNT. 
During this event you will try to find as many Easter Eggs as you can, but other members will be able to take them from you! 
How many eggs you collect is determined by how much DAMAGE you deal to the other opponent. But otherwise, feel free to RP this event however you see fit. 
Good luck and have fun!
 :Only at Easter:Easter Egg Hunt!<b>
WW: Easter Egg Hunt ARPSnowflake WW ACTION RP: EASTER EGG HUNT! Snowflake
Dryadra Speaking: 
"Welcome to the game my lovlies~" 
Current location is the training area outside the city. 
The spring air has melted all the ice but there is still a slight chill. 
The grassy field has random patches of tall and short grass. 
Easter Eggs are randomly scattered around the field. 
There aren't many places or obstacles to hide behind save a few boulders and trees. 
The field is hilly in some areas. 
Roleplay Style:
Bullet; Blue This will be an inclusive action roleplay instead of one-on-one.
Point Right This means, DO NOT "reply" to messages. Make a brand new comment when it's your turn to post. 
Point Right You will take turns to post your

:Only at Easter: by Wooded-Wolf Participants :Only at Easter: by Wooded-Wolf

Alexandra by TBG-95WW: Sketch Icon by TalonDragon000WW: Pheonix Icon by TalonDragon000

:heart: VALENTINE'S DAY EVENT! :heart:

Winter Wars: Asha Icon by TalonDragon000:iconsaysplz:"By an AMAZING THREE POINT DIFFERENCE, the winner of this Valentine's event is ZEFF!"

Winter Wars: Zeff icon by TalonDragon000:iconsaysplz:"...Wait... WHAT!!! !@^&#$&^*$@@%$^%!!$%^#&*--"

*Zeff is pulled away from the scene to protect innocent ears*

Winter Wars: Asha Icon by TalonDragon000:iconsaysplz:"...Um... Sorry about that folks... Thanks for playing everyone! Keep an eye out for a special surprise tomorrow!" :heart:

+ M A R R A H . A N N O U N C E M E N T S+

Winter Wars: Asha Icon by TalonDragon000:iconsaysplz:Asha here with your News!
The main water fountain in the town square flows red! More info here :pointr:

The EASTER EGG HUNT is on! Join us now!

A mysterious bloody message suddenly appeared at the Faction Hall! It reads:
"I accept your challenge."
We don't feel very optimistic about this...
See for yourself...

Zeff was the winner of this year's Valentine's Day event!

...Am I the only one who realizes that Guardian Naida didn't hold a contest this year... 0.0


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phoenix509 Mar 21, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Commission: Meia by Tiny-Midget
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Static-Foil Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I hate this group for getting me stoked on the trailer ._. *now wants to join* 8D
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phoenix509 Feb 14, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Phoe: *goes around Marrah an gives all her friends cookies. Alex gets one with banana icing and hearts. Mikey gets the cookie shoved in his face. Zeff gets the biggest, pinkest, and girliest cookie covered with glittery sprinkles and hearts and shiz* Happy Valentine's Day ||D
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hey talon if you dont mind i made an update to sam's chara icon if that's acceptable xDD…
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//places classy pink birds with monocles and mustaches and tutus and a shit ton of sprinkles on everyone
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