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:bulletblue: Enrollments are OPEN! :bulletblue:

:pointr: Visit the "How to Join" link
:pointr: Submit a join request with a link to your application
:pointr: Wait for acceptance!

+ O U R . C H A M P I O N S +

Winter Wars: Asha Icon by TalonDragon000:iconsaysplz: Congrats everyone! I can't wait for the next one!

:trophy: EASTER EGG HUNT CHAMPIONS 2014! :trophy:


+ D O N A T I O N S +

WW: NPC Patches Icon by TalonDragon000:iconsaysplz: Anything you can give is MUCH appreciated!

:bulletblue: CURRENT POINTS STATUS :bulletblue:

:points: 2,660 :points:

Please send donations to :iconwinterwarsbank: A list of donors and current goals are available on the front page. Thank you!


+ NPCs +
Winter Wars: Naida icon by TalonDragon000 Winter Wars: Jenny Icon by TalonDragon000 Winter Wars: Asha Icon by TalonDragon000 WW: NPC Patches Icon by TalonDragon000 WW: NPC Granny Icon by TalonDragon000 WW: NPC Wolfenstein by TalonDragon000 Winter Wars: Mikey icon by TalonDragon000 Winter Wars: Zeff icon by TalonDragon000 WW: NPC Kristoff Icon by TalonDragon000 WW: NPC Super Snowman Icon by TalonDragon000 WW: NPC Dryadra Icon by TalonDragon000 Sven Icon by TalonDragon000

WW: NPC Ma'hiid-wary by TalonDragon000 Alexandra by TBG-95 WW: Shakh Icon by TalonDragon000 WW: Harika Icon by TalonDragon000 WW: Pheonix Icon by TalonDragon000 WW: Pavement Icon by TalonDragon000 Sam Icon [UPDATE] by moonlaments WW: Raika Icon by TalonDragon000 WW: Sketch Icon by TalonDragon000 WW: Oni Icon by TalonDragon000

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WW: NPC Patches Icon by TalonDragon000:iconsaysplz:We reward hard work!

:snowflake: VISIT THE BANK :snowflake:

The bank is your one-stop-shop to barter and trade your hard work for Snow Coins.

We reward your efforts! Trade in your artwork, roleplays, and crafts for Coins!


+ Faction Points + [UPDATED 2.19.15]

:iconwwfrozencajones: :iconwwwinterwolves: :iconwwicyhearts: :iconwinterwarssnowcones: :iconwwsupersnowman:

| :bulletblue: 01.00 :bulletblue: || :bulletwhite: 00.00 PTS :bulletwhite: || :bulletblack: 00.25 PTS :bulletblack: |
| :bulletyellow: 06.00 PTS :bulletyellow: || :bulletred: 05.00 PTS :bulletred: |

:trophy: 2014 WINNING FACTION! :trophy:


+ I N T R O D U C T I O N +

:snowflake: THE STORY :snowflake:

You, traveler, have come from a distant land...
Rumors of a magical treasure box have reached your ears. This box contains eternal riches. The contents of which is bestowed upon warriors who prove themselves worthy to the Guardian of the box: Naida.
Many have traveled to Marrah, the origin of this treasure, seeking it out.
Some come for the money. Some come for the adventure.
Whatever is your reason... you are not alone.
So, traveler... Are you worthy?

:bulletblue: READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE. :bulletblue:

:snowflake: U P D A T E D  [ 12.13.15 ] :snowflake:

:new::bulletblue: SUCH A LONG HIATUS... :bulletblue:

Holy guacamole... I'm posting an announcement!!! :iconcolbertspazz: Spaz attack 

I can't say if I'm back, unfortunately... Actually, I'm announcing a hiatus on actual group updates....
We have been on hiatus for some time (BAD FOUNDER!), but I feel like in order to make this group work I either need to be more active OR make a system so it's self sustaining so you lovely members can keep going even if I'm not here.

I know, material is rough because there isn't much story to keep going... And unfortunately, a lot of the interactions involve my NPCs (which I'm thinking should have stayed NPCs... XD) My not being online stalled a lot of RPs and that's no fun.

I'm going to be researching on how other RP groups keep their activities going. So far one of the groups I'm in is only active because the members have lots of leeway with what they are allowed to do in the universe.

I'm going to keep enrollments open (as fresh and new blood for RPs is encouraging to keep this place alive), but sadly, there may not be any new official events until I get my plans together...

Basically, I have a lot of things I want to do, and no time to do them all (Especially with my new job... >.<).

So, my lovelies, please continue to support the group with lovely pictures and roleplays. I'll keep posting updates if I have any, as I am trying to get more active again. (I won't be on every day though, and that's sad... Q.Q).

Now that deviantart updated their mobile website to include notes, I should be able to respond A LOT faster to everyone, but I may not be able to actually do anything until I open my laptop (which got farked up because of the windows 10 update... oh boy.)

Thank you for your patience everyone! Love you all... ~:heart:

:bulletblue: THE BATTLE ARENA :bulletblue:

Coming soon... 




:bulletblue: THE BANK :bulletblue:

[UPDATED 1.1.15]

:pointr: ENTER THE BANK :pointl:

To start off the new year, I thought it would be good to revamp some ways we use our coin system to make it more useful/meaningful. 
Now, instead of just accumulating these snow coins you can put it to better use by using it to level up your character!
When you drop by the Bank leave a comment with the deviations and literature (etc.) that you want to "sell" to get more coins. With these coins you can purchase Stars (Star! ) that allow you to add a character stat. 
There also used to be a max level for stats. Now you can go beyond the max by purchasing Star Slots (+fav ). More information is listed in the Bank. 
Keep in mind that unless you post your deviations to the bank, I will not be counting them. 
Lately I've been having trouble keeping up with deviations and remembering who I counted or didn't. And a lot of times if I'm not mentioned via a tag or post then these deviations go left unaccounted for. This helps me keep track on who I need to count. 
You can still drop by the other shops to purchase items, but to be safe please list down any purchases at the Bank for accountability. Some shops are from other members and I don't have control of those transactions. So, please let the Bank know when you purchase outside SHOP items so we can update your member sheet. 
If you have any questions please let me know. Also, if you have suggestions on how to improve then please leave a comment. Feedback is always appreciated. 

Thanks! :peace: 

:bulletblue: FROZEN THEME? :bulletblue:

[UPDATE 5.26.2014]
So, I drew a picture! yay! This will be added to the EVENTS Folder. Create an origin story based off this picture for prizes. (Makes it easier on me if YOU can tell me what happened instead. No? Ohoho~ ) 
WW: Elsa's Gift by TalonDragon000

[UPDATE 5.24.2014]
Oh my... courtesy of moonlaments, I think it would be fun to implement the famous "snow queen" into Marrah! How? NO IDEA. We already have one after all... could stir up some trouble.. 0.o Even Naida looks eerily similar to Elsa, no? ;D  Winter Wars: Naida icon by TalonDragon000 What do you guys think? I'd definitely need to do some story line brainstorming. >.<

:bulletblue: DATE MY NPC? :bulletblue:

[UPDATED 5.26.2014]
I've heard some advice on how to do this dating sim event, and decided to just do AU DATING ARPs. 
If you'd like to join in on the action, the event will be added in the roleplay sign-up sheet. Just leave a comment saying the following: 
1) Characters participating (you and your choice NPC) 
2) Starting setting
3) Literature rating
These RPs don't automatically let you know if someone posted an update, so if you'd like to make reminders, feel free to tag each other in the reminder comments. 
+ Roleplay Signups +:new: :heart: DATING SIM EVENT :heart:
You can now request an AU Dating Sim ARP with any NPC!
Dice rolls are in effect and everything is left to chance! 
Just post the following in the comments: 
1) Characters participating (you and your choice NPC) 
2) Starting setting
3) Literature rating
If you aren't already added to the list of RPers, Talon will send a note requesting your email address. This way, only the people invited will be able to access the rp so it stays private. 
Phoenix and Kristoff:

[UPDATED: 5.22.2014]
Sooo.... Creating a whole flash project is proving WAAYYYY too time consuming. So I'm open to suggestions... 
I was thinking AU RPs where we all have a day we can "start from scratch" using a magic object and go from there?
The difficulty is trying to finish all the drawings. Then the second hard part is getting it all into a flash project. I've started some facial expressions, but I haven't gone far. :( 
I want to be as inclusive as possible without spreading myself too thin. Sigh... If I could spend all day drawing for this project I would... but alas. I have no time.. 
So... Maybe an AU DATE EVENT? Each person gets to choose the NPC they want to date and we go from there?
But, here would be the catch: It's an ARP. So our outcomes are determined by dice rolls. Will it be crappy? Will it be good? Who knows.. XD 
Dice rolls would probably be D20 rules with 0 being super pissed off and 20 being super happy and excited. I dunno... I need help. XD 

:bulletblue: MISSED DEVIATIONS! :bulletblue:

[UPDATED: 5.22.2014] 
Okay... So I think I caught up with all the deviations except the latest maybe two from this past week. I'm seriously considering a "tag Talon" rule so I know to count you. XD Or maybe I should make a "bank" where you post a comment with a link to your deviation. That would help a lot... but that means if you don't let me know about it, you don't get coins. What do you guys think? 

[UPDATED: 5.6.2014]
Oh man! Sorry folks, I went through the gallery folders using the bank account and realized that I missed some of your deviations! 
Not to fret! I'll be sure to update those soon and get you those coins you so rightfully deserve. 

:bulletblue: WEAPON / ARMOR CHANGE :bulletblue:

[UPDATED! 4.11.12]
Okay, so I've decided to make the update. Thanks for the feedback guys! 
Now, you have free creative range with weapons and armor. Go crazy! ;D

I've been thinking about it... and perhaps it would be good to change the requirements on weapons and armor? I know our theme is "Winter," but maybe it would be a good idea to give you guys more versatility? After all, we have many events all year long and there are only so many weapons we can brainstorm before all the winter themed stuff runs out... 
What do you guys think? Ditch the winter theme and stick with maybe "faction" themed items? :P 

:bulletblue: YAY! NEW EVENTS! :bulletblue:

Sorry about missing the Winter War everyone! Q.Q Madam Founder was just WAY too busy this Christmas (as many of you already know). 
But! To make up for it, I've been trying to create a fun story line filled with mystery, fun events that is similar to the actual Winter War event, and hopefully more drawings added to the gallery courtesy of yours truly. So, I hope you're all enjoying the updates so far.

1) I think we have a good and working action system in place now so there shouldn't be anymore updates in that regard. But as always, improvement tweak ideas are always welcome. 
2) The dating sim... I redrew some of the NPCs (woah!), but that's as far as I got.. XD The ones I've finished has several facial features that would be used through the game. (Oooo!) 
3) The roleplaying Google Doc ("FORUM") is up and running. As a reminder. Just let everyone know via the journal comments if there's a new RP going on. --> Remember! I need your email in order for you to access and edit the posts there. 
4) I still need to make an icon for Sven and include him in everything.. OTL. 
5) Admission for new members is OPEN again, so if you feel like snagging some COINS and FPTS get out there and recruit more members! ;D 
6) Lastly, we had the Valentine Event (which I think went really really well. ;D) and we currently have the EASTER EGG HUNT event. Get cracking! 

That's all for updates. Thanks for reading! 

:bulletblue: REVAMP 3.0 :bulletblue:

Yes, yes, we've heard this before... "I'm doing a revamp! Making things pretty, making rule changes, etc. etc..."
Sorry about all this "Revamping" business. But, it's been two years now and it looks like we are a step closer to getting this group into its ideal function.

1) I haven't even touched the comic or dating sim yet... ugh.. so much to do..
2) I DID start up a "google doc" folder that will contain roleplaying just like forums though. Except this doesn't notify when we receive a new post (unfortunately), so whenever you are on DA, just say to whoever is online: "HEY RP WITH ME I'M HERE!!!" and hopefully they can pop in. It also auto-saves and acts like a word document. When you are done with the RP just copy and paste that sucker into the gallery for credit! ;D
3) I added a "HOUSING" button to the navigation section of the front page. Now you have easy access to the group member's lovely homes. Get yours today!
4) TBG-95 made a new Carpenter NPC for the challenge so I'll be working on him soon to get him set up and up and running.
5) I see all of your lovely posts. And gallery submissions. Yes I need to get you some coins for those posts. Yes, I'm behind. Yes, I'm sorry. @.@;
6) In the meantime, admission for new members is currently "CLOSED." While I'm working on tweaking the look and possibly gameplay (I know gah! I should probably NOT but we will see...) new members won't be accepted. HOWEVER, current members are allowed to continue to roleplay. People who are interested can check us out and wait in anticipation for the next opening. >.<
7) One of the other reasons for the revamp is because I'm trying to use less actual dollars/moollah/stuff-i-don't-have... OTL. Hence, no super group and no premium membership prizes... I don't even know if I'll be able to renew my own premium membership.. :iconcryforeverplz: It looks like you lovely members are more interested in the plotzzz, stories, rps, and games than actual prizes so that's great to see. So I'll be reworking that part of this group as well..

That's it for this update. Thanks for reading! <3

:note: If you have any questions about this, please contact us. We also appreciate any feedback on how to improve the group! Cheers~ :beer:
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+ E V E N T S [12.31.14] +


:iconnewsboyplz:[2.1.15] This event is closed. View the announcements for the results! Thanks for playing~

:iconsaysplz:"Thank you stranger!!"

There's a present waiting for you! Make a guess who this generous stranger is!


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